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Channel-One-Russia-demotivatorOnce, I had to read a lecture about  language and discourse style of Russian media for students of Russian as Foreign Language. And it was quite a challenge. Why? I downloaded a couple of broadcasts of late news for several recent days, naturally, it was  Channel One Russia (First Channel, the main channel of Russia). And… they were funny and stupid, like a travesty of news.
For example, there was kind of a story about caught American spy with false mustache and bunch of sunglasses, which were proudly taken close-up – if audience has doubts whether real spy does use childish equipment like this, one could examine it in details and make sure. I don’t watch TV for ages, but I always thought that TV news must be about… news, more properly, big news. And about real news. The fact is that they are not.
That’s why I think that analysis of  news content with calculation of time devoted to every topic could be quite interesting. So when I ran into example of that, I assumed it could be interesting for broader readership. I translated it into English and supplemented it with my humble infographics. So, behold!
This is a time calculation of every story of one Russian TV news broadcast, completed by Elena-Elizaveta Shadchneva and published in her Facebook post. The subject of the research is a news of February 27, 2016, it’s the late news broadcast (9 PM) from Channel One.
I converted the plain text of the original FB post into table and highlighted keywords with bold type. Also I marked with red color news blocks which were shorter than 1 minute: they must be marginal, according to logic. You can judge whether it’s the case. Screen time in the table measured in seconds. The text content is original one of Ms Shadchneva, with her comments, sarcasm and emotions. As to me, I’m not even familiar with current Russian internal political issues.

Order Story Timing
1 News #1. Misbehaviour of a certain actor Nikolaev as a hit-and-run driver 300
2 Press conference at the Russian Ministry of Defence on the truce in Syria 240
3 Syria again. ISIS militants fired several towns on the border with Turkey. 210
4 Syria again. Negotiations between the government and the Syrian opposition in the UN. 30
5 You don’t believe, it’s still Syria. Kerry and Lavrov discussed the situation in Syria by phone 17
6 It’s not funny already, but again Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the statement of the US State Department representative. 90
7 Of course, Syria again. The story about the heroic Kurdish militia that fights against terrorists and Turkish fascists, which destroy Kurds, family by family. In short, it’s a genocide. 270
In total: nearly 20 minutes of continuous nonsense about problems of West Asia and North Africa. Not a word about Russia…
Meanwhile, in the mine Severnaya in Vorkuta people have been dying, and their relatives and friends, for sure, with bated breath have been waiting for news of the rescue operation. But there were no news, still no news…
Finally, it was told about them…
8 As always cheerfully, sweet Ekatherina Andreeva reported about a transfer of some „robot systems complexes“ to the mine performed by the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Eighth news, 30-second story.
Already in the morning news it was informed that there was new explosion in the mine that killed five rescuers, while the 26 remaining miners lost their last chances to survive…
9 [Opposition politician] Boris Nemtsov who was killed a year ago [near the Kremlin] was mentioned. It was ninth news with a 40-second story.
Sure, according to the First Channel, the case has been solved ages ago, if anything. Nevertheless, 7.5 thousand people (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia) came to the march in Moscow, that was kindly allowed by the authorities. Thank God, there were no incidents, though.
Then, as usual:
10 US police is investigating the brutal murder of a family of children which may have been adopted from Russia. 150
11 In Poland right-wing radicals marched. Local residents are outraged. 270
12 Day of the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Federation is 27 February. It’s a cool holiday of cool guys. 240
13 About something “beautiful”. Asphalt was laid on the territory of the demolished shopping mall Piramida in Moscow. 30
14 News of “culture”. Milan Fashion Week started. All ideas are stolen in Russia, of course. The visitors shocked. 240

The end.
The economic crisis in Russia, rise in prices, falling living standards, social protests and other issues – the trifles, which seem actually to be not worth to mention in the news.
Basically, that’s all one needs to know about protection of Russian-speaking people in Russia.

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