Alyaxey Yaskevich
[ alʲaˈksʲej  jaˈskʲevʲitʂ ]

Linguist · Digital Humanist · Researcher · Software Engineer

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I list here some my projects – some of them are hobby stuff, other ones are more serious and complex. It's not a full list, just simple examples of things I like to do. All they are projects starting from the year 2016.

Aleph – alphabet learning app. Hebrew and Amharic alphabeths, along with Japanese Hiragana are provided for learners. A bit smart algorithm helping to memorize characters effectively. JS only.

Glosariusz – web app as an interface to the content of the „Old Polish Glossary“, etymological dictionary of Old Polish. Data extraction from damaged pdf-files with Perl & SQLite, web app building with JS & Perl.

Summer 2016 – just a visualization of my travels. JS only – Leaflet.js, GeoJSON.

Hissar'2016 – simple visualization of the audience of the Summer School in digital Humanities held by Sofia University in 2016 in Hissar, provided with short info card of every participant. Pure JS + Leaflet.js, Google Spreadsheets on the backend, tiles of ancient Europe by Pelagios project. – just a tile server of OpenStreetMap for the territories of the Republic of Belarus. The difference is that it uses Belarusian language for place labels (official one uses Russian). Not a big deal, just installation and setup of mapnik and renderd. Main page is displayed by means of Leaflet.js

Helper on settlements and surnames – web-service intended to provide initial data to people who are going to look for historical stuff about their relatives in local archives.Backend: Perl, frontend: JQuery, Leaflet.js, UI: Materialize.CSS.

Belarusian Armory – web-service containing information about flags and coats of arms of Belarusian cities and administrative units. It is official publication of this dataset, provided by Ministry of Justice.JQuery and Isotope. CSV sources were processed with Perl and converted into JSON.

Cities of Poland – simple web-tool for quick search for patterns in place names of Polish cities and villages.JQuery and Leaflet.js. Data were extracted from OpenStreetMap database.

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