Alyaxey Yaskevich
[ alʲaˈksʲej  jaˈskʲevʲitʂ ]

Linguist · Digital Humanist · Analyst · Web Developer

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I list here some my projects – some of them are hobby stuff, other ones are more serious and complex. It's not a full list, just simple examples of things I like to do. All they are projects of the year 2016.

Aleph – alphabet learning app. Hebrew and Amharic alphabeths, along with Japanese Hiragana are provided for learners. A bit smart algorithm helping to memorize characters effectively. JS only.

Glosariusz – web app as an interface to the content of the „Old Polish Glossary“, etymological dictionary of Old Polish. Data extraction from damaged pdf-files with Perl & SQLite, web app building with JS & Perl.

Summer 2016 – just a visualization of my travels. JS only – Leaflet.js, GeoJSON.

Hissar'2016 – simple visualization of the audience of the Summer School in digital Humanities held by Sofia University in 2016 in Hissar, provided with short info card of every participant. Pure JS + Leaflet.js, Google Spreadsheets on the backend, tiles of ancient Europe by Pelagios project. – just a tile server of OpenStreetMap for the territories of the Republic of Belarus. The difference is that it uses Belarusian language for place labels (official one uses Russian). Not a big deal, just installation and setup of mapnik and renderd. Main page is displayed by means of Leaflet.js

Please, report bugs if any.