Belarusian Tax on Unemployed, and Parlamentarism (infographics)

If you know Belarus, you understand this infographics.

If not, it’s ok – I’m explaining.decree3-3ai

April 2, 2015 Alexandr Lukashenko published President’s decree #3 that lay citizens and residents of Belarus to pay tax (or rather fine) is they are being unemployed more than 183 days per year (what just contravenes the Constitution where is stated the right to labor, not an obligation), counting from the January 1, 2015 (retro-action – sic!).

The publication of the decree provoked a huge wave of Internet discussions expressing negative reaction of the Belarusian society on the decree (the state has real economic problems especially after 15% inflation jump of the December of 2014, it’s hard situation to find a job).

Nevertheless, May 6, 2015 after less than 10 minutes for questions the Upper House of Parliament of Belarus approved this odious decree with 100 “yes” vs. 2 “no”.

Speaking ironically, one can say that this happening has some sense: previously if someone asks what’s up in Belarus, one should give a lecture explaining history of the country and all the twists and turns of current political situation. Now we can just say: if one is unemployed, one must pay fine. And that’s it. No more comments needed.

There was a joke about governmental thinking style of the Russian then-president Dmitri Medvedev, like he say “We should make a tax on poverty. Then being poor will be unprofitable, everyone becomes rich”.

So now we kind of do live in this joke.

This is my first completely my (self-made) infographics. It depicts the situation, and it is  mathematically correct. However I accept I’m not good with vector graphics yet. But you know it’s just the beginning :)

And hmm… Maybe I should look for job now?..

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