About me

Good news everyone!
My name is Alyaxey Yaskevich.
IPA: [alʲaˈksʲej jaˈskʲevʲitʂ]
The first name is a variation of Greek one Alexis, changed through the centuries in East-Slavic area. The last name is quite common Belarusian family name with the most typical for Belarusian names suffix ‘-vich’.


As you can see by this short introduction, I’m a linguist :) My scientific interests are word formation, language variation and change, cognitive approaches to language study. Particularly, I deal with non-standard types of language – slang, informal language, and so called computer mediated communication (CMC) as a manifestation of written colloquial form of speech.

My second addiction is IT.
I waste a lot of time on it, however this interest does help me with my work in a such interdisciplinary area as nowadays lexicography, because it for the most part is based on data processing technologies.

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